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What can I expect?

Hey ladies, this is my first post on T-TTC. DH and I are now in our 12th cycle of TTC (and 2 years without any birth control)

I have an appointment with my OBGYN in 2 weeks and he told me if I was not pregnant he would start to investigate and order some tests, so I am just wondering what to expect?

I am expecting him to order a SA on DH and some blood work for me. I also have had a LEEP biopsy done before we were TTC and so far my paps have been normal since and my doc didn't think I would have any problem due to that.

Anything else that I should be prepared for? Or is the SA and bloodwork pretty standard first things to do?


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Re: What can I expect?

  • I would highly recommend you search out an RE.  Specialists know much more than regular OBs do because they know what to look for. My OB wanted to put me on Clomid without monitoring and didn't suggest doing on SA on DH. I listened to my gut and went to an RE who did all the tests and discovered endometriosis during a lap.
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  • I would definitely go see an RE. They will do b/w, SA, u/s, and HSG. The HSG will make sure your tubes are not blocked. Before I could even begin treatment I had to complete all the testing. Good luck!
  • Go with your gut on this one and make sure that if you stay with an OB, they are taking all the right steps.  My next step is going to be going to an RE but I also know that my insurance will not cover one appointment with a RE.  I simply cannot afford all that testing right now without any coverage so I opted to stay with my OB for 6 months of Clomid.  He was honest and said that after that, he doesn't feel comfortable helping us anymore.  He did get a SA for DH and we have been getting all the regular tests with Clomid so I feel safe.  Even still, insurance is questioning it each month.  Something to consider but just be sure to be your own advocate if you do that.
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  • Only other thing I can think of is an HSG for you to make sure your fallopian tubes are clear and dont have any blockages. Other than that bw and SA is about it.
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