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Who all is going trick or treating?

Our TorT is tonight. I'm very excited to get the kids all dressed up. I'm still trying to get over this nasty H1N1 (not sure how I got it a million times worse than my kids did!), but I'm hoping I'll be ok to walk the neighborhood tonight... and eat their Twix and Butterfingers! ;)

Re: Who all is going trick or treating?

  • Man. Feel better.

    I didn't know the 'burg did TOTing before halloween. We won't be taking Gisele out- but my mom will walk her around the cul-de-sac. We have a crappy wedding we have to go to. I am planning on taking Gisele to the King of prussia mall TOTing Saturday afternoon.

    hmmmm Butterfinger.

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  • We are going with a group of DS's friends - they close a bunch of streets to traffic and it is a mob scene of kids. Should be fun!

    I have never heard of having TOT on a night other than Halloween except here on the Nest, That seems so odd to me...especially since Halloween is a Saturday this year...why not do it on Halloween???

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  • Oh my gosh, I can't believe you got the flu!  Ugh... I hope you are feeling better!   :)


    We have taken Emily every year, except the Halloween after her birth when she was only 1 month old.  ;)  Our neighborhood is so into it, so festive and kind to the kids, we LOVE living here and can't wait to take Emily!  

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  • I have no idea why our area doesn't do TorT on Halloween. It's the dumbest thing, but they never, ever have it on Halloween. They also never, ever do fireworks ON the 4th of July! I have no idea what's up with this area. They have the kids TorT on a school night instead of Saturday...AND my sons teacher gave homework tonight! We totally forgot about it. Now he'll have to cram it in over breakfast. Our town is very backwards. The only reason at all that I can think of is if maybe they have it early in case weather is bad and they reschedule?? But then again I've never heard of it being rescheduled because of rain or anything, so it truly is a mystery.

    Anyway, we had a blast!

  • We will go to a couple of our neighbors tomorrow night but Eva doesn't quite get the concept yet. ?We went to our local children's museum today to trick-or-treat and she ignored everyone handing out candy.
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