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Juice at play group = BAD idea

It was 100% juice- but she rarely gets juice and this kid does not need sugar for any more energy. She is BOUNCING off the walls- and skipped her afternoon nap. We just got in from an hour long walk around the neighborhood. and she walked the entire time collecting sticks, rocks, pinecones etc. ... and she is STILL waaaaaaaaaaay too energetic.


I have so much crap to get done for class tonight and that is NOT going to happen. Might have to give quiet time in her room a shot. riiiiiiiight.

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Re: Juice at play group = BAD idea

  • Yikes! I hope she gives you a break this afternoon!
  • Good luck, I hope she calms down.  I have no advice.  I had to re-read your post, for some reason I read that you were going to try giving her a shot to calm her down.  I guess you can tell what is on my mind. ha!
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  • We had the same thing happen on Sunday when Stella had 1/2 cupcake at a birthday party.  She ran around non-stop for an hour afterward.  Lesson learned Stick out tongue
  • Oh, no!  Sounds like Emily... my kid doesn't need any additional energy from juice!   :)

    Good luck with the quiet time!

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