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Ugh, yucky weather, cold.cough = PBS on much more! Help me not feel so guilty!

I am one of those moms who beats themselves up for letting DS watch TV. He hardly watched at all until he turned 18 months and at the same time caught a virus. We werre home for like a week straight and he got into Barney. Now, ALL he wants is Barney. He wakes up in the morning, runs and gets the remote, hands it to me and says Barney. I usually only let him watch about two episodes (one in the morning, one at night), and while I do have the tv on at other times occassionally, he usually will play instead of watching the other shows. But Barney, he watches!

This week, he had  cold so we have been inside for the past four days, and he keeps on wanting to watch damn Barney! I figured he was sick so I let him watch it a bit more, but then he threw a whopper temper tantrum this morning and I just put it on for him again so that I could gain my own composure.

So, please fess up. I know I am not the only mom out there whose kid might watch more than the occassional half hour of TV. We do tons of other stuff on a regular basis, classes, books, storytimes, etc., but with the crappy weather and him fighting a cold I have a feeling the TV might be on much more than I wanted this winter.

Re: Ugh, yucky weather, cold.cough = PBS on much more! Help me not feel so guilty!

  • Have you tried art projects with him INVOLVING barney? draw a dinosaur and let him color him in purple. maybe playdoh purple dinosaurs.

    TV is a non issue in this house- she shows no interest in it- and i don't watch TV. I dont judge tv watching moms/kids.

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  •  I am the mom who has it on most of the day (yea thats right- go head flame me! LOL!) Seriously, its really only on PBS Kids or PBS Sprout and he really only watches Sesame Street, Thomas, and the Sprout Good Night Show. Otherwise its on as background noise. He's not always in the room where it is on- he'll wander into other rooms or I'll take him upstairs to read and play there. We also take 2 daily walks when its nice out.

    Don't beat yourself up. I know myself, DH, and many other friends will admit that the TV was on all the time when we were kids- hell my MIL and mom will admit it- even my DH's grandmother said she had it on for DH's mother and his aunts & uncles.

    We all did fine, myself, DH, my brother and my SIL all have advanced degrees and great careers

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  • It depends on the day.  Some days DD wants Sesame Street immediately after waking up, some days she doesn't want it at all.  So far today she has watched 3 episodes.  I just try to roll with it.  (Yes, we also read books, play, go places, etc.)  Try not to feel guilty.
  • dd is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We needed an intervention. I limit how much she sees but the tantrums over asking for it over and over and over again got to be too much. Mickey toys and coloring books etc just don't touch the craving for her ;) I'm fine if she watches Sesame St too. Really she only cares for Mickey though. So I feel your guilt, I'm with ya!
  • My DS has watched three episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse today and I too feel like the worst mother.  I'm at the end of my pregnancy and exhausted and he is sooooooooo active that it is the only way I can sit down and breathe for a minute.  So you are not alone!
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