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I'm so flippin' tired!

And my nips hurt! The boy won't sleep and seems to be chewing on my boobs. The paci's not good enough, it has to be my boobs. I have to tear him off after I know he's done feeding and he fusses about it.

Went to sleep around 10, then woke up at about 12:30 and wouldn't get back to sleep 'til nearly 3. 

Early 4 month wakeful? Early teething? He doesn't seem unhappy, just doesn't want to sleep.


Re: I'm so flippin' tired!

  • Maybe growth related? I am having issues with nighttime this week too.
  • I think there is a growth spurt around three months.  DD went through a couple of days of eating lots and sleeping oddly around 3 months.
    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
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  • DS is almost 5 months and I'm hoping he's just hit a growth spurt or is teething. The only other thing I've found that sometimes disrupts sleep is an ear infection. I hope, for your sake, it's just a growth spurt.

  • I had the same night. Maybe the 3 month growth spurt although I thought we already went through this last week. I am a zombie today and my terrible two year old is driving me nuts today :)
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  • I am not getting any sleep either. Matt would not sleep last night and I swear he bit me while nursing.
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