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well that was delightful- first meltdown/hissyfit in a store

ugh, I was THAT mom today. I ran into the craft store to pick up a last minute thing for DS's costume. He was fine until we got up near the registers- the line was a mile long and there were balloons where we were waiting, I had him in his stroller and he wanted one- I kept saying no, we are almost done- well that turned into a fit while in his stroller- ah the terrible twos have come early.....I know if I had given in and let him have the balloon he would have just thrown a fit when I put it back when we got to the register so, it was a no win situation.

I did get looks too- from other moms- which bugs me. ugh


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Re: well that was delightful- first meltdown/hissyfit in a store

  • Oh no!  It's never fun to be that mom.  I remember DD started going through a stage similar right around 18 months too.  It seems like the halves are hard for kids (18 months, 2 1/2 years, etc).  Hopefully there won't be too many more meltdowns in the future.
  • That sounds rough.  I am not looking forward to that in my future! 
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  • oh no- then I am in for it now that he's 18 months! Ahh!
    Well we are home now and he's much better- ah Elmo and BigBird have that power I guess!
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  • Girl, I hear you! We had two whoppers this morning already. One was while we were taking a walk in the wagon and I wanted to go an extra block, and then the other was when I had to take him to the pet store to buy dog food. Screaming, arching his back, hitting, because he didn't want to get into his carseat. I gave up when we got home, let him watch an extra half hour of Barney, and sat and read a magazine while I gained my composure!
  • S had a complete meltdown at the doctor's office today.  We had her 18 month appt, and she refused to be weighed, measured, anything.  It was horrible.  At one point she escaped and ran back out to the waiting room crying and wearing nothing but a diaper.
  • I feel your pain!

    I took my 5 year old to one of those paint your own pottery places the other day - a mommy/son day without his brothers. Everything was going perfect until he was done with his and I was still finishing up mine. He wanted to paint a second thing. It was already over $55 just for his little trinket box and my bowl, there was no way I was paying another huge chunk of money for him to paint another piece of pottery. He was tired and hungry and not feeling well and just totally melted right there. He started crying and wailing. We couldn't leave because I wasn't done (and for $55 I wanted to make sure it was complete!). I took him outside and had to bribe him with a trip to the dollar store if he acted like a big boy and calmed down til I finished my bowl. I also had to give up my perfectionism and instead of finishing my bowl with artistic precision, I let him grab a brush and go to town on my bowl. In the end I love how it came out. It's not award-winning, but it was adorable with his little painted hand prints on it and his splatters of paint...and he insisted that we put the name of his hermit crab on the bowl. ;) I actually like it better now that it's not 'perfect'... It ended up being a wonderful day (despite having to disarm his bomb mid-way through).

    Your son is just warming you up for many more meltdowns to come. I hate when other moms give me dirty looks.... as if they've never been there. And those who haven't yet...WILL. It's inevitable.

  • I can deal with the tantrums - no issues. It happens.

    It's the "looks" from other moms that I can't stand! LOL! 

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  • imageHarrietNJMommy:

    I can deal with the tantrums - no issues. It happens.

    It's the "looks" from other moms that I can't stand! LOL! 

    Same here, lol. 

  • I had my one and only meltdown in the Gymboree store over a $35 tutu.  She was screaming and running around with that thing.  Then, she threw it on the floor right at the store's entrance.  I still can't get over the looks of shock and laughter and 'Oh, my Gods!' from the other moms.  I mean come on....I'm sure they've been there before.  If not, I hope the ugly lookers get one 10 times worse!
  • Our son had a meltdown today too at Macy's.  He just completely through an almost 2 year old tantrum.  DH and I just kept him strapped in the stroller and tried to keep doing our shopping :-)

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