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Opportunity to be a SAHM-long

Hello ladies!

I have just recently found out that I will be able to become a SAHM soon but I have a few questions regarding the transition.  I work at a University and the academic year ends at the end of May.  I am due at the end of June.  Currently DS attends a daycare very close to where I work.  He loves it there-literally jumps out of my arms in the morning to go play with his friends.  I am concerned about his transition.  If I am going to stay at home, we will need to move to the state where my DH works (currently we both commute an hour each way to work).  I am not sure where to go from here.  Do we make the change now and find a house and move...this will give DS some time to adjust to being in a new place and home with mommy all day prior to the new little one arriving, or would it be best to end the academic year here at the University and move after the new little one is born? 

Any insight you might be able to provide would be very helpful.  We have a good deal of decisions to make in the next few months and it is nice to have an outside perspective on matters!  Thanks in advance!

Re: Opportunity to be a SAHM-long

  • Thats a tough one. Either way some big changes are going to be happening in your household. I would say though that it may be a bit much on the little one to spring everything on him at once. He may act out alot to that. New house, no more school, new baby... So making the housing and daycare transition early before the baby arrives might be a better bet. Every child is different though on how they handle situations. I'm sure whatever decision you make it will be in the best interest of your family and everyone will eventually adapt well.
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  • I'd say as young as he is that it really doesn't matter.  He'll adapt fine either way.  If he were older I might wait until the end of the year.  Which way are you leaning?  Would it be easier for you to start the moving process now?  It might be nice to get there and settled before baby arrives!
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  • at his age- he will adapt just fine. i would base your decision on what will be easiest for you and DH
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  • I too would do what will make you the most relaxed and available for your DC and I assume that would be to move before DC#2 is born.  

    He will miss school (maybe) but will probably forget about it pretty quickly - out of sight out of mind.  He will be distracted by all of the newness and excitement of the new place.  Then he will be settled at home with the new baby arrives.  That is what I would do - move first, baby second.  GL! 

  • Thanks everyone!  We are leaning on moving sooner rather than later but it is just hard to leave in the middle of the academic year.  I have to do what is best for my family though!  I am sure they will understand.


    Thanks again for all the help.   

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