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1st Trimester


Did anyone have their HCG level done this early.  If so do you remember what it was?  What about a progesterone number? 


  • At 11dpo, I was at 46 and then just over 100 at 13dpo.
  • Everyone is different and the ranges are HUGE...google the ranges to see what they are.
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  • I'm not sure how many dpo's as I wasn't keeping track of my ovulation this month, but 2 days past my expected period my HCG was only 29 and then 3 days later it was 394.
  • The range is REALLY big!   I was over 400 at week 5 and then over 1200 a few days later.
  • I was 67 at about 13 dpo and 269 at 16 dpo.  It doubled every 36 hours.  
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  • Mine was 23 at 12dpo. Check out betabase.
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  • I only got checked once on 15dpo and I was at 171.  My progesterone was 17.1 but my doc told me that anything over 10 is good for your progesterone. 
  • thanks ladies.

    i just got mine done yesterday and it was at 62.  I go in tomorrow to see if they double.  i realize one number doesn't mean much, but just wanted to see if mine were in the ballpark.

     my progesterone was over 20 (don't know exact number) - but she said they thought that was great.

     just nervous, as i had a d&c on september 10th due to a missed miscarriage.

    hoping & praying this is our sticky baby!


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