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Re: Poll: Biggest Joy right now

  • DD has finally started walking!! Just shy of 15 months old. I was really getting worried, and sad that she seemed left out with her friends, cause she was not walking.

    She is also sleeping better, and that is something I have waited 15 months for! Things are almost ideal now.

    Also it's the beginning of the holidays (Halloween starts it for me!) and I am so excited, since DD may actually enjoy things this year!

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  • lol- it doesn't sound like much- but honestly right now my biggest joy is just holding everything down and getting it all done. Between- SAH, working, going to school, keeping the house up and volunteering it all seems to just 'get done' -- some days i wonder how. lol

    I love my job- and i love that i can keep my career AND stay home. I am very lucky

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  • This is kind of vague, but I'm really enjoying how responsive and perceptive DD is becoming -- there's so much that she understands now and can do because of that. It's just cool to see her becoming her own person.
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  • This pregnancy is such a joy! And we're on a great track financially as well. Money is tight but our goals are being met sooner than we thought. And my biggest joy is watching dd become the little person she is. Toddlerhood, for all it's difficulties, is purely fascinating!
  • Baby related: That DS is developing his own little personality. He has preferences, he can come up with games on his own. He is signing with us a lot more now, and it is so awesome to be able to clearly communicate with him. I can't wait for him to start talking more. He is so funny and adorable. And I think he is a genius, but that may just be the mom in me talking.

    ETA: Add to the list, DS busting out with words I didn't know he knew. He just said "door". It is so simple, but it doesn't take much to make me smile. 

    And thanks to this board, my NBR biggest joy is becoming couponing! Embarrassed  I need more going on in my life, because this seriously rocks my socks. I saves us 25.00 last week, and after the Target run, I will have saved us another 25.00 this week (only up to 11.00 right now). I am so cheap, and I love saving money! I need to get a life...

  • The flexibility that comes with being a SAHM.

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  • that for all of the daily struggles and the lack of sleep... at least i'm able to be home with my little guy to see it all.  and that my DH is behind me being a SAHM 100%
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  • My greatest joy right now is that we were able to get pregnant.  It was much sooner than we had expected but I had it in my head, completely unfounded, that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant.

    I was very worried in the beginning, as I would imagine is normal, that I would miscarry.  I am really grateful I made it through the first trimester.  I was happy to find out at the Anatomy Ultrasound that everything looks normal. 

    I'm absolutely thrilled everytime we get to attend a pregnancy/baby class, everytime we have a Dr.'s appointment.  I'm glowing as I pee into my cup, at every appointment.  I'm happy that everytime we hear little one's heartbeat, it's strong and steady.

    I was happy to reach the "24 Week Viability," regardless of how much it actually means.  And now standing at the threshold of my third trimester, I'm delighted to be a mere three months away from holding the little guy I have dreamed of like little girls dream of their wedding day.


  • DD#2.  This is so mean, but she is my favorite kid right now, lol.  She is so into giving hugs/kisses and saying "I lub you" just right out of the blue Smile  She has been the best little kid and I'm so glad to end on her (we're done).

    For non-baby, I have *finally* picked my laptop and DH has offered to stand in line on Black Friday to get it for me if I will wait until then.  I accepted that offer Smile  I'm just so excited to finally pick one after so much research and it's already getting great reviews...hopefully I'll like it as much!  So ready to ditch this Vista crap...

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  • DH is home for the next six days. I've only seen him for 1 day in the past 3 weeks, so I'm excited to feel like a family again.
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  • That I was laid off and have the opportunity to be home with Ben.  I love having this time with him.  We're having so much fun together.  He is such a little ham and makes me laugh all the time.  This is so much more rewarding than my stupid office job.
  • Planning DD's first B-day party! 
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  • DD #2 is starting to talk more and more and is finally able to interact with her big sister.  It is so fun to watch them coloring together or dancing around the living room.  Of course, just as often I'm pulling them off each other when fights break out but I guess you have to take the good with the bad.  :)
  • Being about to SAH!!!
  • I have two biggest joys right now. That my DH and I are having a baby.  A dream that had been shattered a several months ago when diagnosed with male infertility.  Everyday we are just so thankful we get the chance to experience pregnancy and becoming parents.  The other joy is that DH is being so wonderful and working really hard for me to have the other part of my dream and be a stay at home mom.  I love him so much and our little Bean.  This last year has really been a rollercoaster ride, but I am so happy it is going really well right now.
  • We are in such a good routine now with sleeping, activities, eating, etc.  And DH is at at point where he LOVES his job, this has taken a few years to develop.  I have a small side job that is generating some income and could lead to full time work when DD is in school.  And DD is SO much fun right now!
  • DD is such a joy right now.  She's gotten over a teething/clingy stage, and she's learning new words every day.  She's a goofball and makes every day ridiculously cute and silly.

    NBR: I have truly enjoyed fall this year.  For the past 20 years, I have lived in St. Louis, San Francisco, then Chicago, all of which have "meh" falls at best.  NJ weather and foliage is just as good as my childhood in Maine's was.  I missed it and I'm so glad to be experiencing it again.  I feel like I'm home, finally.

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