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NBR- Car Accident Settlement

I usually lurk, but I'm not really sure where else I can ask this.  Sorry that this is so long!

A few months ago my family and I were rear-ended on the freeway.  It was stop-and-go traffic, but the girl who hit us was clipping right along when she hit us.  We called 911 and had the kids checked out at the scene (they seemed fine), and drove to the ER to have me checked out.  I also saw my family doctor the following week, and had several physical therapy appointments in the month following.  I ebf, so was pretty much unable to take any decent pain meds without going the pump-and-dump route.

So, skip to today... I get a call from the other party's adjuster wanting to settle.  They offered me $410 (which seemed pretty low to me), but I have no idea what would be fair compensation.  They based this amount on "the nature of my injury", and the fact that I didn't have any lost wages (because I stay home). 

Any advice?  I should add that by no means do I think I've "hit the lottery" or anything.  I did have approx. 1 month + of pain to deal with while caring for my 2 small kids, it also affected my sleep, and I had to figure out care for my kids so I could go to physical therapy.

Re: NBR- Car Accident Settlement

  • I think that's what I was offered when something similar happened to me and I was only hurt for a week or so - I didn't miss any work either (was working at the time.)  I also wasn't seen at the doctor.  I think they gave me $450.

    It's up to you.  I felt like it was a tricky situation - I really wasn't injured and didn't lose anything from it so I felt bad taking the money.  However, it was my own insurance company who was offering it to me (The person who hit me was uninsured) and they MADE me settle (take money for it) and sign away my rights to future... litigation, I guess?

    Not going to recommend what to do but just want you to know my situation and how much I was offered.  I wonder if that's their starting off point?  My insurance company at the time was Farmer's. 

  • What!? 10 years ago I was the passenger in an accident. A van hit us going about 25mph while we were stopped waiting for a bus in front of us. Maybe my Chiropractor was just really good at talking to the insurance company, but I got 10k. I also didn't even start going to him for like 6 months to a year after the accident.
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  • You have to go with your gut instinct! I was in a car wreck in 2004..granted I was one of the lucky ones but i was in physical therapy for over a year for fracturing my back. I ended up giving $1,000 to one of the other cars involved who ended up paralyzed. We were in litigation for 2 years before we settled..I'm glad that I waited until I felt comfortable with the amount! Just listen to your heart!! :)
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