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NBR - Need Website Help!

Hi all - I create invitations and note cards as a hobby and favor to friends and family.  I was just asked by a local shop to be an "artist of the month" in November.  On Thursdays I will set up a table in their shop and showcase my designs.  I want to create a simple website (or maybe blog?) to direct customers to if they want to see pictures of my entire portfolio.  Is there a free (and easy) site I can do this on?  I was going to do a google site, but the URL is such a long name it wont fit on the business card I'm making!

Any advice would be great!  Thanks!

Re: NBR - Need Website Help!

  • What about using Yahoo? DH actually creates Web Sites but has used Yahoo before for something quick and nice.

    Good luck!! I also create invitations, note cards etc. so I hope you do really well!

  • Thanks very much!!!  Are you selling yours, or is it just a hobby?  Also, I'll check out Yahoo, although DH will kill me if he find outs!  He works for their competitor ;)
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