Babies: 3 - 6 Months

Anyone else feel like they are always playing catch-up?

With their LO?

I feel like I'm constantly at the store buying him new clothes b/c it feels like whatever I just put him in he has grown out of in a blink of an eye.

I finally get around to setting up the high chair and he loves it and we could have been using it for weeks.

Anyone else?

Re: Anyone else feel like they are always playing catch-up?

  • Every day.  If my mom hadn't come in September and washed their 3-6 clothes they might be just starting to wear them now even though they've fit for 2 months.

    I'm trying to get a jump on the 6 months. Same with the bumbo. They probably could have used it a few weeks before they did.

    Our hearts belong to Mommy

  • I just ran out at lunch today to buy more 6mths size clothes because all of a sudden baby L is too long for the 3 mth size.  I am sure baby a will be there shortly and i definitely do not have enough.  I think it must have happened over night.

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