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Weird Question Re: Trigger Shot & OPK

Good morning ladies,

I have a question about trigger shots and opk's and your experiences... 

I'm on my third cycle of Metformin coupled with Femara.  I saw my doctor for an ultrasound on Monday and 1 large follicle was detected on the right side...instructions were given to trigger last night (Tuesday), which I did, as I have so many times before.  Silly as it may seem, I always use an opk kit the morning after I trigger because it's encouraging to see that little smiley face looking up at me confirming that I will O soon, and of course it's always there because I shot myself up with HCG the night before...right?  Well, it wasn't there today.  My opk didn't indicate that ovulation is on the way and I'm totally confused by it.  Could be a screwy strip, but it's just so's never happened before.  I've heard of a false negative on a hpt, but on opk following a trigger?

Thoughts?  Does anyone else bother with an OPK following their trigger?  Thanks in advance...

Re: Weird Question Re: Trigger Shot & OPK

  • Does the dr want you to do OPK's? I stopped OPK's once we got to IUI's.

    Why waste one or bother if you are being monitored via u/s? It is just one more thing to obsess about.....

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

  • Well, we've been trying for 2 years: one year on our own, 6 cycles on clomid, one miscarriage and 3 cycles on Femara (no IUI - timed bd)...and honestly, seeing that happy face made me feel like something was going right. 

    Maybe you're right - I don't need another reason to obsess...but it's hard not to.  Thanks.


  • One of the reasons an OPK shows up as + after a trigger shot is because OPKs pick up on HCG almost as if it were LH. Explanation from  From Just

    It could be that you have a bad stick for some reason, or that your trigger shot wasn't picked up or didn't reach the positive threashold for some reason.  Since it was a digital test, you wouldn't know if it was almost positive or not.

    I know this response is several days after the fact, so I hope you're on your way to being pg right now.  GL!

    eta: and after typing all of this I realize you already know most if not all of this information, so I fail at reading comprehension today.  Sorry! 

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