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What is considered a good deal for diapers?
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Re: diapers

  • I've heard no more than 10 cents per diaper.
  • If you are going with Pampers Swaddlers, the best prices I've seen are $18.99 for the box and $8.99 for the smaller plastic package.  Then of course you can use coupons on top of that.  It's one of those things that you don't see on sale often around here and I've heard that has good prices with free shipping over $50 (but don't quote me on that.  I've never personally used them).

    I use Kroger brand and they are $5.99 for a smaller pack.

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  • For 'best price' you need to go by 'unit' -- per diaper. When i find a deal- i stock up on those diaper (as long as she has already tried them)-

    don't stock up on diapers if you child has not yet tried them. can be a very costly mistake.

    Price usually goes up with the size of the diaper- so keep that in mind. In a size three for Huggies/Pampers (name brands)- I can score a good deal at 12 cents per diaper. If you buy generic you can go lower.

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  • imagekimbarnes83:
    I've heard no more than 10 cents per diaper.

    If you can tell me where to find a deal like that, I'm all ears!

    Of course, price per diaper also depends on size.  The bigger the size, the fewer diapers in the package.

    Here a package of 40 size 3 Target brand diapers goes for $6.29 which is $0.16 per diaper.


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  • MrsPreK- gets them at 10 cents. I am not sure which brand or which size.
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  • Right, me either.  As far as without coupons, the cheapest I've come across are Luvs-brand on Amazon.  They have boxes of 264 for $34.99 with free shipping. So.... 13 cents a diaper.  That's for Size 1, though.
  • I swear by Target and BJs brand. They are around 10- 12 cents per diaper- sometimes I get instore coupons. For night time I use Huggies Overnights- they are always on sale and there are always coupons, not sure how much they are per diaper but they are totally worth it. I will say this, never buy Huggies ONs full price- there are always coupons and sales.
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