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Yucky weather in NJ

Hello ladies! How is everyone today? Weather good in your end? It's been raining for the past 2 days but we're suppose to get sunshine tomorrow. Hope all is well...

Just a quick question...is it normal to have a weird cycle after one has taken provera? It seems that AF is short. My first 2 days were heavy and today 4th day is becoming light. Is this normal? Has anyone's cycle been regular after this? Just wanted to know

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Re: Yucky weather in NJ

  • Weather has been warming up the to 50's here in MN! My shift starts at 5am so I have no idea if it has been raining but I will cross my fingers & hope for sunshine.
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    My oh my! Carter is now 7yrs old! Cora was welcomed into this world on 08-19-2010 and her brother or sister will be here Feb 2013. I'm not sure if we are ready to be outnumbered!
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