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In a funk/rut....

I do not know how to get over this but I am in a total funk. Nothing is wrong. My dh is wonderful, ds was getting molars and is at a challenging age, but otherwise so much fun to hang out with. I cannot seem to get myself out of my pjs and to the gym or any other activity. I had been taking a class that just ended and that required me to get up and out early and ds and I go to Kindermusik on Thursdays. This is just not me. I am usually at the gym early and run around until naptime, but I cannot seem to get motivated these days. I need to get into the gym as I have a family photo session for the holidays and I don't want to hate how I look in the photos.  Anyone else feel this way? How did you snap out of it?
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Re: In a funk/rut....

  • yes.  i've been in several funks the last few months.  what helps is MAKING MYSELF do things.  get out, get to the gym, make a date for lunch w/ a friend, do a girls night.  the gym has been my big issue too - i'm just too blah to go, but when i do and when the workout is over, i feel MUCH better.  just make yourself do it.  period.  it's hard, but we have to try to make ourselves happy.  Smile
  • I get like this every once in a while too and I am a happy person and love my life. 

    For me, I think it's the mundane, doing the same thing day in and day out that gets me.  Maybe force yourself to do something different?  Make dinner plans with a friend on a weeknight, go to Barnes & Noble on a Saturday afternoon and read a book, go get a manicure...something just for you that you don't normally do.  I find that usually helps me. 

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