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i love motrin (and a molar question)

thank you guys for recommending this to me!!  I forgot to give it to abby at bedtime and she woke up at 8:30 screaming and she was in so much pain, she even threw up a little.  So I gave her the motrin and got her back down... she woke up at 4 am after the meds wore off, so I gave her another dose of it and she slept until 7:30 am!  And she didn't wake up in pain or crying, she woke up playing wtih her toys and talking and she's in such a good mood now.  It's been 2 weeks since she's slept so well (despite the waking up, but 8:45-4 straight is better than waking every 2 hours!) 

question:  Those molars... at the pedis yesterday I got to see them in full glory and it just looks so painful!  They're poking through but it seems like there might still be another week of pushing through.   Does it usually take this long for molars to come down?  Her other teeth came through in days, but I guess they're smaller and sharper, so it's easier? 

Re: i love motrin (and a molar question)

  • Molars take FOREVER to come through. The most painful part for Mikey was always the mid-section because that was the last to come through. Glad the motrin helped!
  • yeah!  when i saw her molars, it seemed like the outside had almost pushed all the way through.  I just feel so bad for her!!  The things these kids go through... I can't believe we've all gone through it.  Thank god we don't remember any of it!  lol
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  • Yay for Motrin!!! The molars are not fun at all!!  Alexis is just getting her back molars now -ugh - but at least I take comfort that these are the last ones. 

    They do take a long time to come through, I remember having some rough nights because of those and then the canines that came after.  

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  • Motrin has been my best friend for a l-o-n-g time now! The molars take longer than the other teeth to cut through because they are so big. Hopefully all 4 will come in at the same time so she (and you!) can get it over with quickly! 
  • Poor Abby!!! I wish her lots of speedy molaring!

    On the bright side, just think of all the food that Abby will be able to eat once the molars come in! Zachary still only has 4 teeth and I am a little jealous because I feel that my food choices are still a bit limited because he can't chew like a baby with more teeth can. So, yay for food once those molars come all the way in!!! :)

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  • Nooo it's only the top 2!  booo lol  I just hope they're out by next week, i want her to enjoy disney, not be in pain!!

  • Motrin became my best friend when Sophie was old enough. It zapped her fevers and did wonders with the teething at night. I am so glad its helping Abby!!! MOLARS SUCK! I am glad the Motrin is providing much needed relief. Poor baby. :(
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  • I love motrin, too!  that is what got us through Cedric's sickness last week!  Thank goodness for motrin!!  Glad it worked for you!
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