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***Wednesday Weight Loss Check In***

SAHM Weight Loss Check In        

 Hey ladies! I wanted to get this started to allow everyone a chance to share with and support each other as we try to lose weight and/or get in better shape. I will post Mon/Wed/Fri in the evenings.

 Update as you get closer to your goal (or further as the case may be).

 If you have any tips, recipes, etc, email them to me at corinnep27 at yahoo dot com and I will add them to the check ins.

ScreenName             Name            Goal    Lost so far


ReeseM                     Corinne         -25       -6

Taylormillgirl              Melissa          -9        -6.5

Mrszee2be                Laura             -20       -4

Seans_grl                  Cheryl            -45

Vrbka                        Kelsey            -10        -5

lyndmaf                    Lynda            -25

ILoveBoys                 Nicole            -17

yosmtgirl                  Sabrina          -10       -2

vlcms                       Valerie            -20

guim0014                 Lily                 -15

hayleydeee               Hayley            -20

ballpit22                  Anna-Lisa       -10      -5

jnksmom                  Keveena         -15     -5

TobeMrs.Shavers       Amanda        -24       -6

Ariel06                      Jenny            -10

MommyMimi27          Patricia         -20

CJG678                      Christa         -22

*blondie*                   Elin               -15

jmn69                       Jill                 -18        -4

jewels806                 Julie              -10
c.sholun                    Crystal          -8        -1.5

MrsPreK                   Jill                 -20        -3

ithadtobeyou           Kristy             -30

WilyRed                    Lisa              -15       -4

Mrs.Greenie             Christy           -38     -2

jenifaires                  Jennifer         -50

megnDev                 Megan           -55
PearlieGirlie         Pamela          -40     -2babybird7                                      -10*KC*luvs*RJ*          Adrienne         -54     -35 Shanna&Ricky       Shanna            -61     -31DiAnne                    Lisa                 -40
 QOTD- What is your favorite Halloween candy? And can you have just one??!
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Re: ***Wednesday Weight Loss Check In***

  • It's a hard call! Maybe Nerds and for chocolate, definitely the Reese's pumpkins!! I'm not looking forward to Halloween for this reason... hoping I will be too busy dealing with DD to see too much candy! I am also planning on going to the gym that morning for sure, to balance it out!
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  • Hi Reese! Hi Girls!

    My favorite Halloween treat is still candy corn!! Mmm mmmm

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  • I think I'd like to add myself to this list at some point but I need to figure out what I weigh-I think I'm still losing some water weight. We just got an elliptical at home. Whoo. Anyway my favorites are sixlets and whoppers.
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  • It's a tie between Reeses PB cups and Snickers.  And, no, I can't have just one.  The last several days I've had a gazillion.  I've got to stop!
  • Can I join? I want to lose 30 lbs.  Actually, I want to lose a lot more than that, but my current goal is 30:)

    Favorite is KitKat with Twix and Butterfingers in a close tie for 2nd place.  And no, I can't eat just one.  I also can't buy Halloween candy prior to Halloween or I eat it all.  

    BFP 1/6/12 TTC#2 since June 2010 Diagnosed PCOS and started Metformin December 2011 BabyFruit Ticker DS1 - Jack 9/28/08 Birth Doula and ICAN Leader
  • MMM...So many to choose from. I started listing my favorites but it's easier to list the ones I don't like. I don't like anything that is dark chocolate, anything with coconut, and soda flavored candy.
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