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Anyone dealt with Roseolo??

Dd had a fever Fri-Sat. Took her to pedi Sat and she had a double ear infection and her throat was super red. Send us home with amox. We had an impossible time getting it in her and then Monday (fever broke Sat night) her rash developed. Brought her back in and they said Roseolo. I did read that during the rash stage the child might be very cranky and oh my is she ever!!! When the rash went away was your child less irritable? I feel like everything is one big contradiction with her the past two days lol. She wants this, doesn't want this...want's that...doesn't want that etc. Poor kid!

Re: Anyone dealt with Roseolo??

  • my first DD had this when she was about 6months and from what I can remember once the fever broke and the rash was gone she was much better.  The rash only lasted about 36hrs and then we were in the clear.  HTH
  • My fist LO had it.  She looked like an 80 yr old with that horrible rash.  Poor baby.
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