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Any advice on how to teach "gentle" and "no hitting" to SAHM kids?

I take DD to play groups (2x per week about hr each time) and we go to play places, and the park, or play dates the other days of the week, but I feel it is not enough time for her to adequately learn to deal with frustration without lashing out or just being rough in general.  I feel like the kids in daycare get a lesson in this all day every day.  Any tips?

At home I try going over and over this and talking to her if she's rough w. me, DH or the cats- 

I feel horribly when I see her hit other kids- and it's exhausting having to always be right there at kid groups out of fear she'll maul a child!

Re: Any advice on how to teach "gentle" and "no hitting" to SAHM kids?

  • are said kids older?

    that behavior is typical and not because she is the product of a SAHM.  it is developmentally appropriate

    with instruction, reminders and TIME, she will not hit other kids.  

    P.S. Don't feel too horrible, i doubt her hits actually hurt..  If the peers are the same age, they probably hardly notice. 

  • I'd agree with the pp.  It is a pretty normal behavior that, for the most part, just takes time. 

    One of the things I noticed with DD was that sometimes she thought she was being gentle, but she didn't realize her own strength.  So we showed her "gentle touches" vs. "owie touches."  And we practiced a lot even when she wasn't acting out.  I think once they start hitting our of anger, they are too frustrated to retain much. . .

    Good luck!  And don't feel bad!  It happens to everyone; I'm sure most of your mommy friends understand!

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  • Take it from someone who worked daycare for 10 years....daycare kids hit too!  A lot!!  Like PP said, it's normal and with my DD, we practice gentle touches.  And when she hits me, I always say "Ouch" really loud, so she knows it hurts (ok, not really) and we always say "Gentle please!"  She still hits a lot, but I know it just comes with age. 
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