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Baby shower menu ideas

So since I only have my in laws here in California, i wanted to help out my MIL on planning the baby shower cause I really dont want her doing all the work by herself. So im trying to figure out what menu ideas we should have. Now we're hispanic (Cuban / Puerto Rican / Peruvian) and the people that are coming to my shower are not so I really want to bring in the hispanic heritage into it and show these Californians how to really celebrate the new arrival of a hispanic baby LOL! Any ideas? Thanks ladies :)

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  • My mom and I "catered" my bridal shower ourselves with the help of family and friends. We had some traditional Latin food but also "regular" (American?) food too. We had a few different dips/spreads (baked brie, salmon mousse, a chicken dip), raw veggies, fruit salad, croquetas, mini empanadas, mini turkey and cheese croissant sandwiches, caesar salad, ham (Honeybaked Ham style), rolls, chicken salad, Cuban-style meatballs, and a few other things.

    Are there good Latin bakeries in your area where you can order croquetas, empanadas, pastelitos, etc.?

    ETA: If you wanted to do a fuller meal, maybe you can find a restaurant who will make a good arroz con pollo or arroz imperial or even paella?

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  • can you guys make big platters of arroz con pollo, get some cuban/french bread (if they don't have cuban bread) and make some rice and beans and a salad.  and then you can also have a bunch of "american' appetizers like little meatballs, crudite platter, pasta salad, mini quiches, etc... for those who may not like the true hispanic stuff. 

    or, if you dno't want to make it yourself, maybe you can find someone who does a paella or something? 


    (lol, i just reread jen's post above, and it's basically the same as mine.   nevermind :-D )

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