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Would you take your 1 year old to Cirque du Soleil?

Cirque du Soleil is coming to town in April and DH & I really want to go.  He asked me what I thought about taking DD and I'm really not sure.  She'll be 1 by then.  It's not like we'd have to pay extra because under 2 are free and we could go to an afternoon show.  But I'm worried that she would get scared or start crying and we would have to leave.

So I guess I have my answer... get a babysitter.  But I'm curious, what would you do?

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Re: Would you take your 1 year old to Cirque du Soleil?

  • I would get a babysitter. I couldn't imagine my lo sitting still long enough that I could actually enjoy the show.
  • I'd get a babysitter. 

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  • i would take her to a daytime show for sure.
  • Get a babysitter. I've been to several Cirque shows and they're not geared towards kids (babies especially) and for the your own enjoyment as well as for those around you, leave the baby home.
  • That honestly might scare your LO. They have a lot of weird people with weird masks on and stuff. They kind of freak ME out, lol. I vote babysitter
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  • I would probably get a babysitter unless you are willing to leave the show early if your dd gets upset.  I've been to two shows and they are pretty long.  Your dd would probably love some of it (the music, people in colorful costumes) but I don't know if she could make it the whole time. 
  • 1 year olds have a very small attention span.  I tried to take Gabe to the movies at one year old and he was wiggling out of his seat after 20 minutes.

    I would find a sitter!  Unless yours is the type to fall asleep once the show starts.

  • Thanks!  I'll let DH know that the ladies of the bump think we should get a sitter.  LOL! 
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  • Get a babysitter.  It's not a show to take babies and it would be much more enjoyable for you without LO.
  • Only if you drug her because she will drive other people who got a sitter...crazy.

    12m olds are wiggly and test the limits.

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