Any ideas for using frozen broccoli?

Broccoli is one of the few veggies that both of my kids love so we eat it often. Since frozen broccoli was on sale and I had a coupon I bought quite a bit for the freezer.

Turns out that neither of my kids will touch it- apparently they're broccoli snobs and only like the fresh stuff. 

Any recipes or ideas for how to use it? I'm trying to eat mostly out of the pantry/freezer this week and don't want to have to get anything at the grocery store other than some fresh milk, eggs, and produce so I'd really like to use up some of this broccoli one way or another.

Any ideas? Maybe some sort of casserole or soup? Thanks. 

Re: Any ideas for using frozen broccoli?

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    I always add it to casseroles.  It would be good in a quiche too.  I steam it to death and add margazine and garlic salt too.  I can't tell the difference if it's been steamed well.
    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
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    Broccoli cheddar soup
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    -Brocolli quiche

    -put it in mac and cheese

    -I had brocolli cheese soup for lunch- boil brocolli in broth until tender, add tome milk and cheese, puree.  Yum.

    All of the above require allowing the frozen stuff to thaw and cutting it into little peices.

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    My mother-in-law makes a really easy casserole with Bisquick... I'd google it, but it's pretty much 1 C. Bisquick, 1 C. milk, 2 eggs, 1 C. shredded cheddar, 16oz frozen broccoli, sprinkle of nutmeg.

    Noah (12~28~06) and Eli (8~5~10)


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    I add it to the cheese mixture in my lasagna.
    Mom to DD 6.5 years, DD 5 years, DS 18 months
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