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Hi! I have a friend looking at the Austin Area Birthing Center for her next delivery. Has anyone on here had any positive or negative experience with them or their midwives?




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  • I checked it out and toured it, but ultimately decided on a hospital delivery.  It was under serious consideration, though.  I liked it very much.  I've only ever heard good things about the MWs there.  Everyone I've talked to seems to love Roswitha (I think that's how her name is spelled).  I met with her and personally didn't connect with her, but like I said I've only every heard good things!  The only reasons we did not go with AABC were because we were really nervous about this being our first baby and felt like the hospital was the place to be for the first time around (and thank goodness because I had a real emergency in delivery), and also because I was already under the care of an OBGYN, and would have had to give that up in order to be delivered there.  It would have been nice if I could have continued my prenatal care with my OB and then just delivered at AABC, but that isn't possible. If a person is wanting their entire prenatal care to be with midwives, I think it is a great place.
  • My daughter was born at AABC this past March. Roswitha was my midwife for delivery. My expereince was wonderful. From the pre-natal care through delivery and post partum care AABC took such great care of me and my baby. I would strongly reccomend them to anyone looking for a med-free delivery in a birthing center. The facilities are very nice and the midwifes are all very kind and personable. If you or your friend has any other questions feel free to email me at kristikatanick at gmail

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  • We had scheduled a tour. I was irritated though because I had questions to ask them about what my insurance would and wouldn't cover as far as prenatal care and delivery, and they refused to answer ANYTHING related to insurance until we toured the facility. But I could only do the tour if I scheduled an appointment for a tour with one of the midwives, and it was going to be several weeks before that could happen. I was already 20 weeks pregnant and wanting to leave my OB, so waiting several weeks to be able to ask any questions didn't sit well with me. It also had us concerned about how rigid they might be about other things.

    That said, I have heard good things from moms who've used the AABC. Personally, I really wanted a home birth, and I felt like if I wasn't going to be in a hospital, I'd rather just stay home and not have to go anywhere.  The midwife we ended up hiring, Kristen Elliott of Moms & Miracles, worked at AABC prior to starting her own business. She's never said anything negative about them, but then, I've never asked either. I would highly, highly recommend Kristen to anyone considering a homebirth. She has been SO wonderful!

  • no personal experience, but our friend will be delivering her 3rd child there in February.  I do not think she would hae gone back twice if she did not love them.  Wink
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