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Irregular ovulation..low sperm count...and!

I have never had a regular period and immediately went to see a dr. when we decided to try to get pregnant. My sister is diagnosed PCOS and just got pregnant on Clomid, and no female in my family has a regular period. Dr. put me on Clomid 50mg and had DH tested. ?Supposedly, his tests came back normal, but I did not ovulate that cycle. ?Decided to change doctors (for other reasons) and just met with my new doctor (with more infertility/women's health) experience last week.

Bad news... she said that DHs semen analysis was NOT normal (.4), with a very low "volume" for his sample. ?Says concentration, morphology, and motility good. ?Says we should skip straight to the IUI, but even stated we might have to get more aggressive (IVF) since we both have some issues. ?I started Prometrium today (to jump start cycle) and will start Clomid 100mg this cycle.

?Anyone have success stories with these diagnosis? ?And can anyone tell me specific vitamins or supplements my DH could be taking to help with this? ?I am really discouraged at this point and just want to do everything we can to help with this process.

Re: Irregular ovulation..low sperm count...and!

  • Well, those are exactly the things that the new doctor brought up. ?I did have a bunch of tests run at the first doctor (sorry I didn't put that in my last post), but my husband had none. ?That is where this new doctor is starting, running more tests and also having my husband get checked out. ?She said she wants to get as much info as possible so that she can refer us to an RE doctor if needed. ?But so much wasn't even covered with my first OB, so this one is basically catching us up. ?

    ?I just wondered if there were any natural supplements that couldn't hurt for him to take in the meantime.?

  • You need to see an RE.

    I wouldnt jump the gun on IVF just because of some low volume issues, I mean all the ohter numbers were fine!! S/A's can vary widley from test to test so you DH really needs to get another one before a dx is made. As far as the annovulation, there are many of other drugs that can make you ovualte (all which, including clomid, should not be taken unless you are monitored very closey!)

    If you want you can try Feriltiy Blend for Men, or Fertilaid, but honestly I would worry too much about it until you see an RE and determine if there is even a problem with his sperm.

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  • natural supplements for DH:


    to increase sperm motility:


    Carnitine and acetylcarnitine


    to increase volume & count:

    fish oil

    Zinc Arginine

    horny goat weed

    vitamin b12

    vitamin b

    vitamin c


    ...hope that helps! [they also sometimes prescribe clomid or HCG to men, but what I listed are all natural, and you can buy them in any healthy food or vitamin store]


    good luck!

  • I looked up the vitamins in Fertility Blend.  It looks like it includes the Maca, Carnitine, Zinc (not sure if its the arginine), vitamins b12, b6 and vitamin c.  I am leery of the horny goat weed, and fish oil just based on the possible complications.  Think we'll talk to the doctor before using those.  But maybe we'll start with the Fertility Blend.  DH needs more vitamins anyway!

     Update: Did more Labs (that were not done last cycle...argh)  and hopefully will start IUI this month with Clomid 100mg. 

     Thanks for all your help ladies.  We just keep praying that God knows the right plan for us.  But plan to talk to a specialist soon once we get a bit more info.   Keep you updated!

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