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I'm back

Okay well, I've been gone a few months because I was too sad to be here and because we got too busy with harvest, but I'm back now.  Harvest is almost over so soon we will be back on the baby making road (when we have the energy to...ya know)

Okay so quick question (might as well get flamed right off the bat right?) A friend of mine has 2 relatives that got a type of Clomid- a generic- from Mexico and got pregnant quickly (both within 4 months) without having to see a RE and it was very inexpensive.  We have insurance but it doesn't pay for prescriptions or for IF and we have a huge deductible for what they do pay for.  Is it stupid to get meds from Mexico without seeing an RE?  Would that probably just mess me up?  Is it legal (my guess would be no, but I'm not sure)?

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  • You need to have tests done before considering going on Clomid.  If you are taking Clomid, you should be seeing an RE so that you can be properly monitored.  I understand that it is cheaper, but I would never mess with it..

  • Clomid is relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things and is a very serious drug. Yes, your friend got lucky - what couls have happened is she could have developed cysts that burst and destroyed her ovaries for life. Or she could have had HOM because of not being monitored... Is it worth the risk - IMO no!
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  • Eek, I guess that answers that!  How much do they monitor you on Clomid?  I've had a wonderful array (dripping with sarcasm) of tests and my guess would be that it is the next step according to what my NP has said.  I'm not doing anything new until March, but want to know my options.
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