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Newly diagnosed PCOS

I have been TTC for 6 months since coming off of Yaz.  A new ultrasound is showing PCOS.  I am awaiting my lab work coming back, but if it all looks normal the MD is hoping to start clomid.  I guess I am looking for some inspirational stories from those of you who have conceived with PCOS and also some thoughts on those taking clomid.  How bad were the side effects?  How likely are twins?  Is there a god resourecful site with info on clomid or pcos?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Re: Newly diagnosed PCOS

  • check out  It's a great resource and online community for those with PCOS.

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  • I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago. My ovaries were full of tiny cysts and I got my period about 3 times a year (doctor said I just wasn't ovulating).  The doctor basically told me that since I ovulated so rarely that I would have a very difficult time concieving a baby. When I found out I had just gotten out of a bad relationship so it was NBD, but about a year after I found out, I met my future husband. We weren't trying to concieve but we weren't trying to prevent it. A year later and still no baby, we sat down and decided that we would start saving for invitro and fertility treatments. Literally a week later, we found out I was preggo with our daughter and then 3 months after she was born I found out I was pregnant again. Doctors...what do they know?!
  • image kdodge423:

    If they are suspecting PCOS, you need to get away from the OB and get to an RE. OBs are good for pregnancies, not for getting you pregnant.

    You should really do more testing before jumping to Clomid. You could have a blocked tube. Your husband could have sperm issues. There are relatively simple tests to check these things- you can only take Clomid for a few cycles in your life. Do you really want to waste those without making sure everything else is good to go? Some people are ok with this, but it makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

    Do you chart at all? Do you ovulate? How are your progesterone levels? There are many other things that can be checked before jumping to drugs. Clomid is not candy. Will you even be monitored on it?



    Ditto 100%

    You need to see a RE and to do some research on PCOS before jumping into Clomid.

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  • I agree that you need to see an RE.  Multiples are a lot more likely if you are not properly monitored on Clomid!
  • I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after we started trying to conceive. My OB put me on metformin, and I was gradually worked up to a dosage of 1600 I believe. I was on metformin for about 5.5 months and was planning on starting clomid in another month or two, when we became pregnant. It was a great surprise. So, you might want to consider asking your OB about going on metformin first - it's a drug that helps regulate insulin levels, which can be part of the problem in PCOS. On a side note, you generally stay on metformin through the 1st trimester to prevent miscarriage, which is at a higher rate for PCOSers. Some docs recommend staying on metformin throughout the pregnancy to avoid gestational diabetes, but there hasn't been much testing on the side effects to the fetus. My OB took me off metformin after the 1st tri, and luckily I still passed my glucose test - no GD. Good luck!
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  • Check out the PCOSbio and most of the ladies with pcos are on the Infertility board if you have specific questions.
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  • I tried to conceive for 5 years before finally getting a diagnosis of PCOS.  I went on metformin (1500 mg/day) and was pregnant within 3 months of starting the medication.  I know metformin doesn't work for everyone - some folks do better with clomid.  It depends on your body and how PCOS affects you.  Losing weight also has an immediate and positive effect on your ability to conceive if you have PCOS.  Try the soulcysters website for tons of info on PCOS and TTC.  Good luck to you! I'm TTC again right now.
  • I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago.  We are young do my ob told us to try for a year b4 we tried clomid (my glucose levels were normal so no need for metformin).  For 9 months we tried to "time it" based on when I "should" have been ovulating... no luck.  What worked for us - no joke- (I was sick in Sept and we only "tried" once all month) was judging by the consistency of discharge (should be clear and slimy). 4 weeks later I was exhausted so I took a test and found out we were finally expecting!!

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  • We started TTC in January and I was diagnosed with PCOS in April. I started on Thyroid meds and Metformin and I did several cycles of Provera and Clomid. I went in on 10/28 and had my first follicle and received a trigger shot!! I was starting to doubt that it would happen for us. I cant wait to test on Wednesday!
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