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Hope its ok I post again :(

I'm a veteran here, but have been off & on here for a while now. My husband is over in Iraq & will be coming home the first month of next year sometime. I've done 1 IUI w/ frozen sperm w/ injections. I have PCOS (mainly ovulation problems) & husband has lower normal count...last IUI had 2-3 follies & a very low thaw count of 4.5 & 4.6 b2b IUI's. Took a break & now back doing IUI injection round w/ remaining frozen sperm, just wanted to check in & say hi & hope that its ok I post again.

TTC: 4 years
DX:PCOS (me) DH may have lower to normal sperm count
6 failed rounds of clomid, 2 IUI's failed, 1 IVF (pregnant but m/c @ 9 weeks)
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Re: Hope its ok I post again :(

  • FYI - Of course it's okay, but most of the regulars you're used to are on the Infertility board now.  This is basically a "new" Trouble TTC board created because the nest people think there's something between trying without trouble and IF.
  • That's tough. Have you considered doing IVF? My sister tried for 2 1/2 years and skipped the IUI and went straight to IVF because they found her husband had a low sperm count, she also found through her research that you basically still have the same chance of getting pregnant through IUI as you do naturally.

     Her first IVF was a success. Just something I thought I would put out there since it looks like you've been on this journey for awhile. Good luck!

    TTC #1 Since April '08 ~
    Originally diagnosed unexplained in 2009 ~
    4 failed IUIs in 2010 ~
    11/2010 Switched to RE and was diagnosed MFI only 1% normal sperm ~
    IVF #1 w/ICIS March 2010 ~
    ER 03/12 ~ ET 03/15 ~
    BFP! on HPT 03/24 ~
    Beta 1 3/25: 101
    Beta 2 3/28: 282 ~ Beta #3 3/30: 631 Stick Baby Stick!

  • I remeber you!! Your in AZ too right?

    As the PP said..most the the regulars on this board moved to the new "Infertility" board!

    Welcome back and good luck with your next cycle!!

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    DD #1 {04-19-2004}
    Secondary IF: Severe MFI (low testosterone, low count, low morph, & very low motility) & Annovulation
    After 22 months IUI # 3 Clomid + Follistim = BFP
    DD #2 {12-31-2009}
    2 more years of failed IF treatments and a failed adoption TTC #3
    TTC Journey Over~ Not By Choice
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