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Starting on the IF Path


 I'm not a regular poster, so please forgive me if I mis-type anything. I'm just another reproductively challenged person trying to start a family with my DH.

 My DH and I have tried unsuccessfully for 19 cycles to get pregnant. Monday we have our first appointment with an infertility specialist and I've done quite a bit of research and have a sister who recently had a failed IVF helping me, but I think you can never have enough information.

 I was just wondering from those who have been going through treatments if there is any advice you can offer that didn't know about before getting started. Or something you didn't know before seeing an infertility doctor that you wish you did.

 I feel a little overwhelmed with everything out there... including which board to post on :) Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.

TTC #1 Since April '08 ~
Originally diagnosed unexplained in 2009 ~
4 failed IUIs in 2010 ~
11/2010 Switched to RE and was diagnosed MFI only 1% normal sperm ~
IVF #1 w/ICIS March 2010 ~
ER 03/12 ~ ET 03/15 ~
BFP! on HPT 03/24 ~
Beta 1 3/25: 101
Beta 2 3/28: 282 ~ Beta #3 3/30: 631 Stick Baby Stick!


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