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Clarifying Question

Per a bump article I read, it stated that under 30 and TTC for one year, and over 30 TTC for 6 months would qualify for fertility testing. But lurking here I saw 35 and younger TTC for one year would qualify. Which is it?

 On my 7th cycle since my m/c and frustrated. Have done it all (almost): charting, temping, checking CM, fertility monitor, opks, pre-seed, to doing NOTHING but FWP a lot. Just wondering if I should even waste my time calling the doctor yet. I'm sick of going there too.

I apologize for the bitter tone :)

Re: Clarifying Question

  • I honestly think that the age and 1 year/6 months rules are good guidelines, but the actual amount of time you give it before seeking additional help should totally depend on your individual situation.

    For instance, I'm 27, and my husband and I have only been trying for about 6-7 months. Because I am charting, I know that I have only ovulated once during that time. I thought my body was going to get back into the swing of things, but this month, it has become clear that it's not. So we are starting the process of getting further testing done, and will ultimately be receiving some kind of treatment/help. 

    I know that miscarriages can really screw things up for some people, but if you feel like you need to, go ahead and call your doctor.

  • Thank you. I HATE charting, but I have had two annovulatory cycles so I guess I should stick with it because I didn't consider that this would be pertinent data for the doc since he seems to dismiss my charting altogether. I appreciate the time you took to share your story :)
  • I'm 22, and DH is 24 and we have been trying for 5 months, during which time I have not ovulated at all.  We have our first RE appointment set up for next Friday to look into our fertility options.  I saw my OBGYN last month and at 4 months with no ovulation, (and being very irregular before BC), she already wanted to get me started on Clomid, so I guess it all depends on your individual situation.

  • I'm 24 and have not ovulated for five months...I hahve just started with an RE and started estrogen and will take prometrium (round two) to try and jump start my cycle.  Then...onto Clomid.
  • Same here. I am 30 and stopped bcp in May with no af since. My gyn ran b/w and an u/s and diagnosed me with "thin PCOS". I have my first RE appt next week and I am very grateful for that. I think it only makes sense to fully wait a year to seek out help if you are ovulating most cycles and still not getting pregnant.
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