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so many boards to choose from

so I apologize, but I am very new to the bump thing. And I am a little confused as to which board I best belong on. I initially started on TTC after a loss because I had a miscarriage. But then I saw this board yesterday and thought it would be a good fit because my husband and I are having trouble conceiving and I have begun bloodwork and various testing and the dr. is recommending Clomid. But I have also just noticed a secondary IF board. We do have one son and are having trouble ttc our second. The women here just seemed nice so i jumped right in in posting but I definitley don't want to offend people who may be struggling to get pregnant the first time, so I didn't think the infertility board would be right. Do some post on several board and am I wrong for being on this area since we already have 1 child? Thank you all for being a great sounding board. I have already found much comfort in being able to share and post with other ladies going through similar times.

Re: so many boards to choose from

  • Many people post on multiple boards.  This board doesn't get a ton of traffic, so you'll probably find more support on the Secondary IF board.
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