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Hello and Advice? Kind of long....

Hello my name is Megan, I just found out that I am expecting last Wed.  My husband and I are cautiously excited and slowly telling people about our news!  I'm due sometime in June, not sure when because of my long cycles of 33 days and I don't go to the doctor until Nov. 4th!

Here is where I need a bit of advice.  My cousin who is like my sister, had a m/c this past April and her original due date is nearing on Nov 11th.  I want to tell her so bad that we are expecting, but she has called me a few times and has said things about having a hard time.  Her roommate from college just found out she is also expecting and told her the news last week.  I could here in my cousins voice that she had been crying.  I know it's a personal preference of when to tell her, but what would you do? Thanks 

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    That is so wonderful that you are so aware of her hurting, and are so sensitive to her feelings.

    Maybe you should wait until her due date has passed to tell her. I know it's hard and you are excited. But possibly let her get past that day.

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    I would wait until you are in your 2nd tri.
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    This depends a lot on your relationship with your sister and her personality. Would she appreciate you waiting until her due date passes before you tell her, or would she be hurt that you kept the secret from her?

    Either way, I'd try not to make a huge deal out of it, and I'd be careful about how much you talk about your pregnancy around her -- maybe wait for her to ask you how you're feeling before launching into a speech about your many pregnancy ailments, etc.

    And, personally, I'd probably wait at least until after the dr appt on Nov 4, and then, I'd actually wait until after the due date. On her due date, you might want to send flowers or something to let her know you're thinking of her and her baby.

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    Congratulations.  I would wait to tell her until you are 12 weeks or so.  We only told our parents so far.
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    Thanks ladies.....My original thought was to wait until after her due date.  We have a great relationship and I don't think she would be mad at me, maybe a bit disappointed I didn't tell her sooner, but I would explain to her why I waited to tell her.  It's very hard because she told me when she found out, right away!  I just needed to hear it from some other people!  Thanks again!
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    I would wait too!!! I like PP idea of sending her something on her due date as well. That has to be really tough for her and now for you as well considering her loss.

     I am nervous to tell one of my friends because hse has been trying for 2 years and has not had any success. I already have 3 and I am afriad she is going to lose it!

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    I would probably wait until after the due date. thats not very long to wait and it would probably mean a lot to her that you thought that much of her feelings.
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