3rd Trimester

Question about PH Strips to test amniotic fluid

I remember reading some women going out and getting the PH strips you use to test a fish tank to see if they've been leaking amniotic fluid. What should the level read? I'm trying to find this online cause I'm curious to go check it out. I feel like I could be leaking but figure these would be nice to keep on hand so I can check often since I'm so paranoid.

Re: Question about PH Strips to test amniotic fluid

  • It should be a base, above 7.0, typically blue in color.
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  • You can get the aquarium strips. I have them. They work.

    It was pee with me, good luck!

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  • I had to do this a few weeks ago and they said the amniotic fluid would turn it a dark purple color.

  • How did you get the liquid on the strip?
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