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Is blood pressure 108/70 normal?

I just went to my clinic's aftercare because I lost my voice after a weeklong respiratory illness. They said I could take reg Sudafed or Benadryl. I was feeling so crappy and out of it that I didn't ask if my BP was normal. 108/70? TIA

Re: Is blood pressure 108/70 normal?

  • Yes.  Anything 100/60-120/80 is normal. 
  • "Normal" BP is 120/80
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  • "Normal" is 120/80, but it's actually good to be below that. 108/70 is just fine.


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  • I always have the opposite 90/46 normal? Extremely low blood pressure runs in our family though!
  • Low blood pressure runs in my family. My cousin got denied an epi because her's was too low. I don't want that to happen! Thanks...
  • Mine has been 100/60 the entire pregnancy. (Well, until Friday anyway.)
  • 90/46 seems REALLY low to me, but if your OB hasn't shown concern, I'd go with that. It's not like I went to med school, but dang....that does seem low.
  • Blood pressures of 100s/70s and 90/46 are fine as long as you are not dizzy or lightheaded and still making urine. 
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  • I think the biggest thing is knowing what is "normal" for you. I have blood pressure around what yours is which is lower than "normal" but I know that so I would probably be concerned if it was closer to average.

    the same thing with my body temp too. I usually run a low temp so when I have a temp of 99.something that is a fever for me.

    Know your normal stats, but i'm sure you're fine. :)

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