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How did you know your baby was coming?

Forgive me in advance for sounding so dumb. With DD I never went into labor on my own. She was a week late and I never had any symptom or sign of impending labor. Never even dialated a fingertip.

With that being said, these past few days I keep feeling like this baby is coming... like soon. My C/S is scheduled for over a month away, but I swear I am having random contractions. My body is doing things that only happened after DD was already late or here. 

My ankles/feet are starting to swell, my entire body hurts at night, my vagina feels like its going to fall to the floor and feels sore, my stomach is so tight I can see and feel every little move. TMI - - lots of discharge and my boobs feel totally full of milk and even leak.

Anyways, what I want to know is the typical 'is this normal'? ;) DH, clearly not a woman, says that this is how most pg women feel towards the end and I just got lucky with DD. 

I have a regular appt. with the OB tomorrow and will ask him. But, really, how do you know when the baby is coming? I am only 34 weeks but I want him to do an internal because I swear somethings going on in there. Did you  know when it was getting close to having your baby?


Re: How did you know your baby was coming?

  • At about 38 weeks I felt and heard my water break, then gush! Other than that, I didn't have any other signs. Of course I was exhausted and my whole body hurt but I didn't have any feelings or sensations leading up to it that made me think it was coming.
  • The only thing I had was bleeding all day and then that night my water broke, Before that no dilation or contractions.
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  • Well, I was three weeks early with Anna, but I had many of those same symptoms a few weeks before my water broke.  I had non-stop BH contractions which I later found out were real contractions.  I had to get on Terbutaline to stop the contrax or I probably would've gone at 35 weeks or so.  I went to the hospital for swelling which is when I found out that I was having the steady contractions.  She was also carrying VERY low, like fall out my crotch low.

    So, yeah, you should definitely talk to your OB tomorrow.  This could all just be normal late term pregnancy symptoms, but I had all of those and did go into labor early.  GL!

  • My BH changed to painful contractions about 2 weeks before he was born.  Aside from that, there weren't any major indications.  I woke up one night to my water breaking.
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  • I had those same symptoms, and thought every day that I would go into labor.  I was amazed and relieved when I made it to 37 weeks.  Chilled as I cruised along all sweaty, bloated, aching, sore with what seemed like constant contractions through 40 weeks.  Not a fingertip dilated until 3 days after my due date and my water broke.

    So - you sound normal to me.  Hang in there!  Lots of people have false alarms, but for me, labor was REAL when it was REAL.  Those contractions were different and I can't explain it...

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  • haha, your DH giving advice is funny.

    i knew two days before i delivered because i just felt off. i was really hot and uncomfortable and just knew.  the next day i lost my MP, then next day i had her.

    but the swelling and feeling sore that you describe sounds like most of my 3rd tri. give your dr a call and see if they can have you come in. it won't hurt to know if you are making progress.

  • I had random contractions for 1-2mos before DS was born. The nght before I had some really strong ones that lasted longer then before but nothing. The next morning started off with 5mins part Cx. I did have swelling but that was because i overworked myself on moving week and they never went back down the rest of the summer. Everything you are feelign is totally uncomfy as it is.

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  • I had most of those symptoms for much of the pregnancy (ugh to the heavy/engorged vagina-I likened it to 'blue balls' which my ob/gyn LUUUURRRVED) but like you, no dilation, etc, even after labour pains started. Actual labour pains were the start of knowing it was coming, for me.

    I sure hope that this time my body knows what to do a little more!

  • No help here.  I had no idea I was close (even though duh, my due date was the next day).  I just went into labor. Doc said I was having contrax, but apparently couldn't feel them for the entire week before I went.  High tolerance for pain, I guess???
  • I went to the bathroom at 2am because I thought I had to poo, and realized I was losing my mucus plug.  Turns out that big poo I felt like I had to take, was really labor. :o)
  • I had BH for the last half of my pregnancy so I was used to those. But I started having a low back ache and menstrual like cramping one late afternoon and evening.  Then some bloody show that night followed by regular contractions that became more intense as the night went on.

    DS was born at 38 weeks. 

  • I was 37wks 3 days and I ended up going into labor because of a placental abruption. I was having regular contractions the night before that got up to 5 minutes apart, but they slowly went away.  Into the night I started having the worst back labor ever. I moaned and groaned and tossed and turned all night in the bed...  I felt like my underwear were constantly soaked so I went to the bathroom every few minutes and the last time before I went to the hospital a big red clot of some sort about the size of a golf ball fell out (sorry, tmi).

    So yeah, that's how I knew. lol When I got to the hospital I was already 5 cm dilated and I kept feeling like my water was breaking but it was gushes of blood each time (sorry again, tmi...)

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  • thanks! i think i am fine then. i will mention these 'normal' things to dr. tomorrow and let him double check me. baby can't be coming on me at 34 weeks ;)
  • I had nothing.  I woke up 3 days before she was due, felt and heard a pop, jumped out of bed likety split and gushed fountains of amniotic fluid all over my bathroom.  And then I had to be induced because labor didn't start fast enough.
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