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Cervix starting to open at 23 weeks?

I posted on the multiples board that I had a cervical u/s this morning and my cervix was 3.4 and V shaped.  The MFM said that means my cervix is open a little.  He said he is going to recheck it next week at my next appointment. 

 Did anyone here experience an open cervix so early?  Can it close back up on its own? 

I'm very nervous about this.  Thanks for any advice.   


Re: Cervix starting to open at 23 weeks?

  • It can close but it might not also.  Sorry there is no definite answer.  3.4 cm is a good measurement but things can happen quickly especially since you are carrying multiples.

     My suggestion would be to rest as much as possible (lying down flat) to try and take pressure of your cervix.

    Are you still working?  Already at home on modified bedrest?

    You can see my story in my siggy.  I hope you have a good outcome.  Advocate for yourself and rest as much as possible.  If you feel strange in anyway, call your doctor/L&D right away to let them know.

  • Choclate,

    Thank you for the response.  I'm sorry for your losses.  I am no longer working and try to do the minimum as it is.  I am going to take it very easy from this point on. 

  • I had the same thing happen to me at 23wks. I got put on strict bedrest and had cervical U/S weekly until 28wks.  I also started 17P injections weekly.  Over the next 7 wks of bedrest, my cervix didn't have any funneling anymore and the length was good.  At 30 wks I got taken off strict bedrest and put on "home rest", so I could be up and about a little more.  Now i'm 36 wks (almost) and just had my last 17P injection last week.  I recently started early labor, but had some terbutaline and now i'm still hanging on! 

    I was very scared when this happened at 23wks because the docs scare you into strict bedrest and not moving because they tell you all the bad things that can happen of course.  Good thing is that if you follow their instructions closely, then you can be sure you're doing the best you can to keep the baby (or babies) in as long as possible!

    GL!  Try not to worry, just take it easy...

  • I went to the hospital at 22 weeks for lack of movement & some BH contractions. It turned out that my cervix was at 2.4. I was placed on strict bed rest, given weekly P17 shots, steroids for LO lungs, & now taking Procardia for my BP & contractions. I have made it 10 weeks & proud to say that LO is still cooking. I've got another 3.5 weeks on strict bed rest & then I will stop the P17 shots & Procardia. I was seeing my OB & Peri's 3 times a week, but after watching my cervix for 10 weeks with no cervical change I now only have to go & see them Once a week.

    You should talk to you doctor & start your self on strict bed rest. GL & keep us posted.

  • With DS, they saw that my cervix was funneling at 22 weeks. I had it checked a week later and at 23 weeks, I still had funneling, short cervix (it was 2.1) and was having contractions. I had an emergent cerclage placed the next day. I was on strict bedrest and took procardia until 37 weeks. Delivered DS, full term and healthy at 38 weeks! It was a long road, but well worth it!
  • I went through the same thing. My cervix was always long (4cm) and closed until about 24 weeks. At that point, it went down to about 2cm. I have basically been on strict bedrest sense (some in the hospital, some at home). My cervix did thicken back up once, but unfortunately it did not stay that way. At 26 weeks my cervix had gone down to 0.8cm and was (is) completely open, or v-shape, internally. I am not dilated externally.

    The good news - I am now 30 1/2 weeks (knock on wood). I was never having any major contractions that I could feel, but I was put on Brethine, an anti contraction med, that seems to be working. My cervix has stayed right around an inch sense 26 weeks.  

    My advice is to take it easy and dont stress yourself out. Your doctor will take action when it's time. 3.4 is still an awesome measurement, so dont panic! If worst comes to worst, you might be in bed for a few months, but it is worth it. I am also carrying multiples and I think, in a lot of cases, it comes with the territory. Hang in there - I know you're scared, but there are plenty of people who had a thinning cervix and made it a long way :o).

  • Thanks for the responses and advice ladies! 
  • I am also carrying mulitples and have a shortened cervix.  I went in at 22 weeks and it was then that the shortening was discovered.  I didn't receive a cerclage, but was put on weekly P17 shots and bedrest.  My OB and Peri both scared me to death thinking that these babies were going to come soon!  Well, here I am 10 weeks later and I'm still hanging in there.  My cervix still shortens a little each week, I'm currently holding at 1.2 cm, so we'll see what happens next.  Bedrest is really no fun and hasn't seemed to go by too quickly, but I guess it's just something we've got to do!  Good luck, I'm sure your docs will keep a close eye on you.

  • I just found out today that I had a shortened cervix.  I am 16 weeks and my cervix is 3 cm.  So I start P17 shots this week and start having u/s every other week.
  • Am I late? Oh well.

    We started monitoring my cervix at about 12 weeks. I go every week to the MFM doctor for measurements. I went to the doctor one week and I was at 3.1 with funneling (thurs) the next day (fri) after being on bed rest I went back and was 3.4 - no funneling. I haven't been recommended to get shots or bed rest just to take it easy. Last week I was 3.7, no funneling.

  • image Lomaxee:

    I went to the doctor one week and I was at 3.1 with funneling (thurs) the next day (fri) after being on bed rest I went back and was 3.4 - no funneling. 

    This is encouraging. 

    Thanks for posting everyone!  


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