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How did you start giving solids?  I kind of feel like I am lost on this front b/c there is so much different stuff online.  And a lot of it starts at 4 months, so I don't know if I have to adjust the feeding b/c he is older.

The first week and a half, we did rice cereal - so I bought some sweet potatoes and carrots this weekend to start veggies.  Last night, I mixed about half and half rice cereal (with BM) and the sweet potatoes - just to make it not as strong.  I probably had 3-4 tablespoons total.  I have just been feeding once a day (dinner - I know, you aren't supposed to do it at dinner, but we rarely have time in the mornings). 

I am going to allot 3 days for each type of food (for allergies).  So, did you just feed each veggie until you didn't have anymore, then start with the fruits?  Then you just feed whatever fruits and veggies until he is at stage 2 foods (looks like that would be around 9 months based on the other post below).  Also, have you started feeding twice a day, yet?  I feel like I'm behind b/c he didn't start eating solids until 6 months, but maybe he needs more food since he is older (as opposed to 4 months)?

Ugh...so confusing!

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  • Um...haha....I'm kind of just winging this whole solid thing!  I think I've found a pretty good system but every time I think I have something down it changes. 

    I started DS on rice cereal but it hated him.  He liked it but it made him too gassy.  I then switched to some avocado and then sweet potatoes.  He liked both of those A LOT but I could tell he was getting tired of them after a couple of weeks.  The third food I gave him was winter squash (I buy Earth's Best but I'm sure Gerber has similar veggies) and he loved it.  I'm doing the 3 day rule as well but sometimes only do 2 days if he seems to do fine with them.  I tried carrots and peas next.  Last week he had some apples and pears.  I have bought some of the stage 2 foods but haven't introduced them yet.  I have some apple pear oatmeal that I'm going to try this weekend.  I figured since he's been fine with the apples and pears then if he has a reaction I know it's the oatmeal.  Honestly, I've just been following his lead and trying what he likes.  He isn't crazy about the peas but will eat them. 

    I only gave DS one meal a day (at night b/c like you, I don't have time in the mornings) for several weeks.  Just last week I started sending some fruit with him to school because I thought he was ready.  (He was eating almost the whole jar of food at night so I thought he might be ready for 2 meals per day.)  He seems to be doing well with 2 meals.  This whole solid thing is very tricky!!!  (and very messy....I wasn't prepared for how messy it was going to be!) 

    Good luck and let me know how it's going.  Oh, I've also mixed a little BM with every veggie/fruit he's eaten so that it has somewhat of the same taste that he is used to.  Sometimes it helps with the consistency too.  This is an adventure for sure! 

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