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Fenugreek = Migraine??

Started fenugreek today and I have the mother of all it's turning into a migraine and NOTHING is working to make it go away. Any suggestions? Anyone else encounter this?

Re: Fenugreek = Migraine??

  • I do notice that I get headaches after I take it, but nothing Advil won't help.  Sorry about the migraine, that sucks.
  • I'm a migraine sufferer and haven't really had any problems with fenugreek. When I do get a headache that has the potential to turn into a migraine I take an 800mg ibuprofen prescription, but really that's just 4 200mg motrins. I always find that motrin works better than tylenol for me.
  • Huh! I've been taking Fenugreek and getting headaches too. I get migraines and these feel like they could turn into migraines but never quite too. I hadn't made the connection. However, the Fenugreek in increasing my supply so I'm going to keep taking it. I have read though that once your supply has increased enough you can stop taking it.
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  • When I asked my Pedi. about Fenugreek he said that it does cause migraines for those that suffer from them normally...he told me either suffer though with OTC meds (breastfeeding safe) or stop taking the Fenugreek.  Sorry you are getting them!!  They SUCK...I know!!! 
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