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Child safety kit- scam??

So, about 9 months ago I was at KidsFest and signed up to receive a FREE child safety kit.  So today, the guy calls me and says he has to show us how to fill out the forms and whatnot and when would work.  So I said, Ok, tomorrow.  He tells me my husband has to be there also.  I asked why it took so long and he said that they have SO MANY requests and not enough agents.  So I asked him candidly if he was going to try to sell me something.  He kinda glossed over it and said he would tell us about our options, yada yada.  So, I googled child safety kit and see that you can sign up to receive one on (which sounds a lot more reputable since I actually have heard of Polly Klaas).  The guy is from American Income Life Insurance.  Any ideas if this is legit or a scam?  My gut is now telling me to just cancel and I fell I should listen to my gut (like Gibbs does on NCIS).  Thoughts?

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  • I would cancel. Sounds like he is planning on selling a policy.
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  • I had a good friend that worked with an ins co.  This was their way of getting "in the door" to sell a policy.
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  • I signed up and recived the one from polly klaas.  I told them I needed 8 kits and got all 8 and did one for each of my brothers and sisters kids and one for dd.  I would be worried just because they need to come out.  I have seen people in front of cvs with safety kits where they try and talk you in to products or paying a fee yearly and all that kind of stuff.  I have also done a few thru the chp and local pd.  For dd I have a safety kit, my mom has one, sil and my friend because they all keep dd if we go out of town.


    I would cancel and just order the one from polly klaas

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