Parenting after 35

Hello, I'd like to join you all!

Hi, I have been lurking and occasionally posting, and I would like to introduce myself to all the great ladies here! Its so nice to have a place to find support in a more relaxed, less drama filled environment.

I'm 38, just had Alex Sept 2nd, and have another son Andrew 2 years old. Its been less nerve wracking the second time around, but I'm still learning new things every day! And the need for support is the same.

I'm pumping and formula feeding, wish I could breast feed but my breasts and the baby dont sync. At least this time it wasnt a surprise...but I sure dislike pumping! I'm thrilled tho with the hands free bra I made today.

Anyway, I feel like I know you since I have been lurking all through out my pregnancy, but would really like to start posting more.


Re: Hello, I'd like to join you all!

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