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Kidney Stones are worse than Labor

anyone experience the bliss that comes w/ passing one of these grains of rice? it was horrible...

Re: Kidney Stones are worse than Labor

  • nope but having an anal fissure hurts more than labor too :(
  • any ailment that begins w/ anal cannot be good...
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  • Ugh, yes. I had never had one until the end of my pregnancy, and started having additional pain during labor in my kidney. They did a CT after my c-section, and said it was small and would pass easily soon.

    7 weeks later I woke up in excruciating pain, seriously worse than labor, and went into the ER. That tiny stone had grown to 9mm, and couldn't physically pass, even though it was trying to. I had to have an emergency stent put in place, and then lithotripsy to blast the stone a few days later. I'm now still trying to pass them all.. so much terrible stuff to deal with along with being back in school full time and having a newborn! Ah!

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