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Wasn't happy with the perinatologist

So I saw the perinatologist on Monday and was a little disappointed. I'm seeing him because of Factor V Leiden with a history of a blood clot. I knew I would probably go on lovenox.

I asked his input about the H1N1 and regular flu vaccines. He just said "Get both immediately." I was hoping for some sort of conversation or at least the risks for and against it. Nothing!

Then I asked about having to get a chest x-ray for a TB clearance and he said I could get one now and it really isn't that risky for the baby. Then why do you always get asked if you are pregnant before they x-ray you? This didn't sit well with me either.

Lastly, this was the topping on the cake. He wanted me to do the 1 hour glucose test. I thought it was early for this and asked why and he said, "because you are overweight." Ok thanks. Is it standard to have it done that early if you are overweight?

Thanks for letting me vent!

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Re: Wasn't happy with the perinatologist

  • Sorry your appointment didn't go well.  Usually the perinatologists are excellent doctors who have all kinds of information.

    Here's what I can tell you that my MFM told me about H1N1.  He felt that I should get the H1N1 and regular flu vaccines if they became available before I delivered because he felt it would help protect the baby and would keep me healthy in the long run.I was concerned that the vaccines were new and he said they are the same as in previous years, just the actual flu strain has changed.  Ultimately it's your choice and you should weigh out the pros and cons as you see them. 

    The TB x-ray is surprising to me.  While I've heard pregnant women can get x-rays if necessary under certain precautions it seems strange that he didn't give you the risks and provide you with more information. 

    I know that some doctors will test early for GD if the woman is overweight but it seems awfully early for you.  Usually it's a little later (with a repeat at 28 weeks if you pass it the first time).  

    If this is the doctor you are going to be dealing with on a regular basis you need to start pressing him for answers and getting the information you need.  Information is key to feeling confident and comfortable.  I take a list of questions in to my doctor and I have found this helps me get the answers I need. 

    I hope things start to go better for you with your doctor.  If you need to - switch!  It's important to trust your doctor as you'll be dealing with him for 40+ weeks. 

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  • i didn't care for my peri either. the first one did my u/s and didn't tell me anything and i'm almost sure that the second one actually caused the bleeding incident that required us to deliver DS at 32w6d (he was pushing very hard on my stomach when i had a previa with a history of bleeding).

    switch if you're not happy. it's not going to get better and you need to have someone that you're going to trust, especially for as long as you have left! the last thing you need to be doing is second guessing yourself later on.

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  • I'm sorry you are not happy with your peri.  I really really didn't like mine either...i'm pretty sure he sabotoged my entire pregnancy and made me high risk for his own benefit.  Anyway, it couldn't hurt you to get a second opinion if you are that weary of him.  Also, he really should educate you, but did you ask him any of your questions?  I feel it is partially the patients responsibility to ask whatever you are unsure of...sometimes docs don't think to explain the obvious.

    In his defense, as far as the whole flu vaccine thing, many healthcare providers think of this as a no brainer.  It is so important for you to protect yourself and your baby from the flu because it can be so detrimental to pregnant women & infants...even fatal.  Not really many risks as long as you get the inactivated strain of the virus by IM injection.

    Also, to be honest, one tiny chest xray probably doesn't give off enough radiation to do damage.  I would say it is okay if it is something that you absolutely have to do.  Peris usually know the exact risk to the baby as far as this stuff goes too.  They ask pre-xray if you are pregnant because it has to be recorded since you are being exposed & there are minor risks.

    As for the GD testing...probably he wants to make sure that you are not diabetic or borderline.  Obesity is a HUGE risk factor for type 2 diabetes, and if you haven't been tested recently, it probably isn't a bad idea.  If you do have diabetes, the earlier in your pregnancy you can get it under control the better!

    GL!  Remember it is you and your baby's health, so if you need another opinion to put your mind at ease, then go for it.

  • I had to do the one hour test at 6 weeks and again later.  I was also told it is because of my weight, actually my BMI.
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  • I also had to do the 1 hour glucose test and was told it was because I was obese.  I passed that one at 10 weeks and the one at 28 weeks.  

    I really feel like mother's intuition is key with doctors.  If you don't feel comfortable with one, weigh your options.  I liked my peri, but the other doctors in the practice treat me like a lazy fat chick and that drives me crazy.  However, since my peri is the best one in the area, I take the good with the bad and pray that I don't go into labor before my scheduled c-section because then I could get any one of those other goofballs delivering my baby.

    Good luck! 

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