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Starting solids

LO is going to be 5 months on the 4th of Oct. and has suddenly gotten a ravenous appetite....sometimes eating 8+ ounces every 2-3 hours (up dramatically from 5-6 ounces).  We haven't been able to get in for her regular checkup (we've been traveling, she's been sick, the appointments are booked, etc.) but we want to start her on some rice cereal so she's satisfied after feeding.  Do we really need dr.'s permission??  If not, any suggestions on how to dilute it?

Re: Starting solids

  • My pedis advice was to start with 2 tbs once a day.  You can mix it with formula or bm.  To start out, you will want it to be really runny.  It will probably take a couple of tries for your LO to get the hang off of eating off a spoon.  I was advised not to put it in the bottle, because it's a choking hazard.  She also said that the time of day does not matter and just to pick a time where you won't be rushed.
  • Just follow directions on package, start w/ it being really loose. You do not need your dr's permission (I'll prob get flamed for saying that!)
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  • ditto w/ the spoon and not in bottle.
  • Could you call your Pedi tomorrow and ask over the phone what he/she recommends? I'm sure it will be fine, but I always double check with our pedi for everything.

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