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With your next pregnancy....

What are things that you may not be as concerned about as you were with your first.

I was very worried about any chemical near me.  All of my shampoo's and conditioners were sulfite free.  Body wash was all natural.  All of my house cleaners are natural cleaners now.

I think that maybe I won't worry about the shampoo and conditioner/ body wash.  But still worry about the cleaners.

 What are somethings that you would relax a little more on next time around? 

Re: With your next pregnancy....

  • Eating sushi.  I didn't consume any raw sushi this time but next time I might have to indulge.  I love it too much!

     And I'm with you on the bodywash, I did that with lotions too.


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  • I was pretty relaxed this pregnancy.  I have so many friends who were pregnant before me, plus, I had you lovely ladies around for advice. 
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  • Probably not a whole lot.  I'm a pretty easygoing momma, but very overprotective.  Since we're in a babyled household, it depends on how the baby is, I suppose.  I'm hoping to have a boy next time around so I'm sure that will be a huge 180, knowing my luck!
  • LOL.  I don't think I could get any more relaxed.  This was my 3rd.  The only thing I absolutely avoided at all costs was changing the litter box.  If anything I need to  be a tad more strict if I were to get pregnant again!
  • I'm with PP on the sushi! I didn't have any with DD, but if it is from a reputable place, I am going to eat the heck out of it next time.
  • I hope I can be less concerned about my diet...I had gestational diabetes and sure hope I don't have to deal with it again.  But, if I have to I will.
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