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What temperature do you keep your house?

I love a cold house, but don't do that anymore for her.  Now that it is starting to get cool, I am trying to figure out what is a good temperature with a newborn in the house.  I used to just set my heat to 68, but I think that might be too cool.  Would 70 be okay, or is that too cold?  
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Re: What temperature do you keep your house?

  • When we are home, we keep it around 70-72 year round. DD seems okay with this in just a footed sleeper and we don't swaddle. We run fans in our room and DD#1's room because we all like it cooler.
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  • I've been waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     We keep the air in the bedroom on 72

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  • I have mine set at 70 right now too.  I was also wondering if that was too cool for him.  His little hands have been cold in the mornings lately!


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  • We keep our house around 74 all year.
  • 70-75 year round
  • We keep it around 68ish. I've read that 65-69 is the best range for SIDS prevention, but we're just most comfy in that range anyway. Any warmer and DD always feels too warm.
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  • We try for 70ish. However, our bedroom tends to be warmer. 
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  • imageMrsSchoon04:
    We keep our house around 74 all year.

    Us too.

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  • We would be seriously broke if we kept the house at 70... its still warmer out here, but all summer we were living at 76 (pre-baby we were 78s)  I think when it gets colder we will prob heat to 70ish or so.
  • Ours is freezing. DH and I like it around 68 or even cooler when we sleep. Since it's been getting so much cooler the past few nights, we've been putting a space heater in her room to keep it warm.
  • During the day, 77 (with all ceiling fans on), during the night, 72 (again with all fans on). The day temp is really just because I'm cheap. Oh, and it's still in the 90s here, so keeping it at 77 means the AC is usually on.

     I think 70 would be fine though. 

  • Usually around 70-75, however we do nto have the heat on & its COLD here...the thermostat says 69.
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  • I asked our pedi and she said to keep it at 68-72.
  • Heh, it's a good thing DD's STTN in her own room... because I'm the type that would leave the window open in a blizzard at night. I love sleeping under a big blanket in an ice cold room.

    SO's just the opposite and prefers it warm.

    So really, it's a constant battle. Stick out tongue

  • Kaekee!!!  How are you.  I have been meaning to ask about you.  I need details on how everything went, and more pics!

    Okay, so cooler is better for SIDS?  I guess I wasn't aware of this.  Need to do some more research.  I guess 68-70 is about right then.   

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  • I'm in an apartment with no control now, but when I had control it was 60-64.  I like it cold!  In fact, I dread heating season because I have to keep my window open and fans on!  My mom always kept it in the low 60s too.  When I visit MIL who keeps her heat at 70 I have to wear a t-shirt because I find it uncomfortably warm lol!  DD1s first Christmas we had to strip her to her onsie because she was too warm in MILs house!
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  • At night and during naps, about 70. During the day, about 72-75. We are down in Houston, TX and if we don't want to feel like we are living in a rain forrest, this is what we set the temp at. LO is very hot natured also...he even prefers his bottles straight from the fridge. What can I say? He was born in the hottest summer we have seen in a very, very long time.
  • Ours is set to 70, though it's anyone's guess what the actual temp is since that part of the thermostat is broken. Anything warmer and DS actually gets fussy.?
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  • We keep ours at 75-80 all year long.
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