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DD fell out of her stroller today. :( :( :(

I feel so awful and guilty.  We were at H&M trying on baby hats since it was chilly out today and she doesn't have any that fit her.  I was carrying her because she was fussy, but in order to actually see the hat on her, I sat her back in her stroller, without buckling her.  I turned to get another one off the rack and heard a loud thud.  I turned and she was on the floor.  She slid out of the stroller on her back and smacked her head on the hardwood floor.  She looked at me for a second with a confused look, and then screamed for about five minutes straight.  I didn't have anything to comfort her, and I was so terrified that she was hurt.  I grabbed a stuffed bunny off the shelf and gave it to her and it helped calm her down (yes, it came home with us after she covered it in tears and snot). 

She miraculously doesn't have a bump at all on the back of her head, and she was acting fine a few minutes later.  But that was a very hard fall.  I feel horrible.  Two months ago she fell off of our bed, and now this.  I literally can't take my eyes off of her for one second.  Ugh, I feel like such a bad mom.   Please tell me this has happened to someone else.  I always buckle her into her stroller, and of course the one time I don't for a second, this happens.  Crying

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Re: DD fell out of her stroller today. :( :( :(

  • DS fell off his changing table about a weekish ago.  You're definitely not the only one this has happened too and it doesn't make you a bad mom.  They're definitely at the point you either have to buckle them in/strap them down or keep a really close eye on.  I learned my lesson really quickly.
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  • it happens,you are not a bad mom!

    it's not possible to watch them every single second

  • oh the poor thing! I'm so sorry that happened, but glad to hear she is okay (and hopefully you are too!). And she got a cool new toy too.

    I haven't yet had anything like this happen to me yet *knocking furiously on wood* but there have been several posts about our precious LOs getting hurt so I know my time is near. I guess it's just one of those inevitable things that comes with being a mom.

  • You are not a bad mom and no need to feel guilty. I hit my DD's head the other day while I was carrying her. I was walking in a store and turned to tell my hubby something and banged her head against a column. I didn't even see it! We just starting clapping and screaming yay!!!! to distract her from crying...works everytime.

  • I so know how you feel...try not to feel bad and you are not a bad mom.  It happens.  When DD was 3 months old I hit her head on the wall while going around the corner.  It was the awful - wait for 2 seconds and then wail - type of cry.  I feel TERRIBLE.  And, last night I put her in the big tub for the first time and we had another incident.  She was having such a great time, but ended up leaning too far back and fell backwards and hit her head hard on the bottom of the tub (it's an old cast iron tub - ouch).  Again, I felt pretty terrible.

    I think these things just happen sometimes as they are really starting to move, figure out boundaries, and learn what works and what doesn't.  Seriously, try not to feel bad.  I think these things happen to all of us!      

  • See previous post where my 4mo old fell face first onto our hardwood floors out of her carseat carrier.  I still feel badly but they really are so much sturdier than we think, almost every mom has been there in some way, whether it is the bed, the couch, the stroller etc.
  • Thankfully they really are very resilient.  Otherwise my klutzy self would be in big trouble.  You're not a bad mom.  I'm quite certain you are a good one.
  • Thanks everyone.  I feel better about it now.  It's so hard to not feel insanely guilty when this little person completely depends on me to keep her safe and happy.  What a huge job!  :)
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  • Throwing moral support you way - I can't even list all the lumps and bumps my babes have gotten that were basically my fault.  That, added to the millions of lumps and bumps they totally on their own (how does a baby get a mark on her head after being in a crib with a bumper for pete's sake!?), and you see how resilient they are.
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