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Abdm binder

For those who had a c/s & the hosp gave you an abdm binder to long were you told to wear it for? None of my nurses said anything; it seems to have helped a lot that I'm hesitant to stop using it. If you stopped using the hospital one did you switch to some other support?
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Re: Abdm binder

  • I wore it for about a week and then found it more annoying then helpful. Just take it easy. The first couple of weeks are painful. But you won't have to walk like a bent over old lady forever. By two weeks I was feeling much better.
    Matilda 6/19/09
    Graham 10/25/13
  • I wore it for another week after leaving the hospital.  It got to the point where I was more comfortable without the binder than I was with it.  I called my OB to ask - they said it is more just for your comfort and so you can stop wearing it whenever you're ready.

    On a side note - where in Maryland are you?  I live near Towson - just north of B'more :)

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  • My nurses didn't say anything to me either. I wore it for about a week too. It was giving me a rash so I stopped. My elders told me I should wear it to flatten my stomach but I couldn't bear being uncomfortable.
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