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how do you feel if someone says your baby looks like you?

are you honored or are you hoping that will change?

Re: how do you feel if someone says your baby looks like you?

  • DS looks like his dad. Part of me wishes some of 'me' would come out in him.  I'm fine with him looking like his dad though.
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  • I think FI is honored when people say that about them. Ry doesn't look much like me.
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  • I wish she would look more like me.  She has blond hair and blue eyes like her dad.  I hoped she would have brown eyes.
  • I'm fine with it.  He's the spitting image of my baby pictures.  My features aren't exactly dainty, so I hope his resemblance to me translates well into his... maleness?  I can't think of a word to describe it better.
  • I'm honored, but I also think they are either lying, blind or just saying it since he looks soo much like FI!


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  • I think they're lying and just looking for something to say.  Ds doesn't look like me.  But I politely say thank you.
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  • DS looks like a tiny version of DH... when people say he looks at me I feel like they are lying and just saying it to make me feel good... so I don't really like it.
  • I'm good with it too.  She looks just like me, with daddy's chin.  I think it's cute! 
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  • Well, I think she's pretty cute so I take it as a compliment :) But I also think she looks a lot more like my husband...
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  • DD has light hair, light eyes, and fair skin like me (my bf is Italian and most babies born in his family have dark hair, dark eyes, and are really tan when they're born) but she still somehow looks soooo much like my bf.  I haven't had anyone say she looks like me...some of my bf's friends are actually joking about how they know she's my bf's kid, but they're starting to doubt that I'm the real mother. lol
  • DS takes after my side, he looks just like my nephew, just has hair lol.  I get a little mad when someone says he looks just like DH, but I think that's because they don't know what DH looked like as a baby.  They really look nothing alike outside of the hair.  I guess it's just more of an annoyance.  If they did look alike then it'd be different I'm sure, because DH was a cute baby.  I had hoped he would look like him during pregnancy. 

    If they were to say he looked like me I would be happy though, he's a cutie, so it's got to be some form of a compliment. ;)

  • if someone tells me L looks like me - i laugh uncontrollably. she is allllll daddy its creepy.

    im OK with that bc she has my personality and i couldnt be happier about it.

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  • DS looks completely like DH. nothing like me at all. it's kind of sad since i carried him for 9 months, but oh well... at least he's happy and healthy.
  • this is what people say about LO "when she looks grumpy, she looks totally her dad. when she smiles, she's very much of her mom."

    i wouldn't want it any other way.

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  • Like they're just saying it to be nice. DD totally looks like DH right now.
  • I always think they're just saying that, because that's what you're supposed to say to new parents.  DD doesn't look much like me AT ALL. 
  • I love it!  I can't stand when the in-laws say she looks like them, because she's exactly like me when I was little, except the chin.  That is her dad.  And, I hate when people say that since DH and I look alike (we both have light skin, blue eyes and dark hair) so they think she looks like us both... 
  • Honored. I don't think I'm that pretty, but if she's supposedly looks like me, then I have to be. She's gorgeous.
  • imagebrideofscowboy:
    DS looks like his dad. Part of me wishes some of 'me' would come out in him.  I'm fine with him looking like his dad though.

    Same here.. there is nothing on this child that resembles me as of now.. we call Ava, Tonys fun... LOL like from dave and busters commercial... they are identical

  • DS looks exactly like DH and DD looks like me. DD# 1 looks like a combo of both of us.
  • Everyone says she looks like DH, because she is his clone. I love it. He is a handsome guy. I wanted her to look just like him since DD#1 looks like my clone.
  • well, i'm honored. i'm adorable. Wink

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  • DD looks just like me in my baby pictures, so I'm OK with it!

    And it kinda ticks off the in-laws, LOL. 

  • Honored.  Absolutely honored.


    But she looks like her daddy.  There's no denying it.  He's cute so that's cool too.  :)

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