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Well we made it to almost 9 months

I think my supply is starting to disappear and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.  I have been having to supplement with formula at night for the past few weeks so that I had enough fresh milk for daycare.  I have also not been able to pump as much during the day due to lots of meetings, etc that wasn't a problem until this week-I was pumping enough for at least one bottle at work- but that has also decreased.

I am torn about how I feel, part of me is ready to give up the pumping and have some more 'freedom' but the other part of me want to make it EBFing for a year.   I am going to see if I can get my supply up more this weekend having DD nurse a lot but I'm not sure that will help. Crying

Re: Well we made it to almost 9 months

  • Almost 9 months is a HUGE accomplishment!  No matter how things shake out - you should be so proud of how long you've made it!!
  • If I wasn't a SAHM I would have given up long ago, don't feel bad if you have to wean now.  Plus if you do formula during the day, you can still bf at night as long as your supply allows.
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  • at seven months I stopped pumping at work and used the rest of my freezer stash, after that DD got bottles of formula during the day.  I BF her when we were home together (with bottles during the day on weekends) for almost a year that way.  I loved it!  No more pumping hassle, but all the benefits. 
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