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fussy halfway through feeding?

DD has started getting fussy halfway through feedings.  She'll start wiggling and twisting her body, will detatch and then mess around at the breast.  She will have her mouth open almost like she's trying to latch but she moves her head around frantically.  She does it halfway through each breast.  Is she getting frustrated because she's having to work harder for it?  It seems more pronounced later in the day when i can tell I'm not as full before each feeding.  I've started taking fenugreek (yesterday) and am trying to drink more water, but it's too soon to notice an improvement.  I'm nervous because her 6 week growth spurt is just around the corner. 

Re: fussy halfway through feeding?

  • When my LO gets fussy in the middle of a feeding, it's usually because she either needs to burp, or she's done and doesn't want anymore, and I keep trying to get her to latch on because I think she's not been on long enough.  He said a lot of moms think their supply is going down, when really the baby is just becoming better at BF and can get the amt. they need faster than they did in the beginning.
  • I don't have a suggestion except for to say you are not alone my 8 wk old is doing the EXACT same thing and it tends to happen around the 6pm or later feedings...she will latch on and then pull away then look as if she is trying to frantically latch back on but refuses to.  grr.. its so frustrating.
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  • Try burping her. 
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  • My LO does this a lot as well.  Sometimes he has to burp, but usually he is just overtired and he will fall asleep almost immediately with rocking.
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